Cluster Point for Health Systems

Cluster Point for Medical Insurance Companies

Cluster Point for Medical Insurance Companies

Cluster Point for Health Professionals

Cluster Point connects healthcare professionals with health systems in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Cluster Point matches healthcare systems with healthcare professionals, offering short-term staffing for the healthcare systems.

For Healthcare Providers

The only service that allows healthcare providers to fill every gap in their scheduling with the highest quality of service providers.

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For Service Providers

Our platform allows you to take up more jobs in your spare time and fill your schedule to its full potential.

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Our Mission

Cluster Point specializes in providing an exceptional way to connect healthcare systems with reliable and healthcare providers upon request.

Cluster Point consistently identifies “Best Fit” healthcare professionals to provide as-needed services to healthcare systems throughout Saudi Arabia.

We are actively working to improve public health in our community using the best available solutions. We achieve this by engaging the most experienced and knowledgeable team in the industry.

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